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Feb 3 2024

2023-2024 Eastman All Star Teams

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Congratulations to our players!

The All Star Weekend was January 27 and January 28 in Ste. Anne Arena.




U13A Teams

Team White
Player Postion Number Association
Saurette, Marcus Forward 4 Niverville/Ste. Agathe
Brunel, Johnathon Forward 16 Niverville/Ste. Agathe
Arbuthot, Dorian Forward 2 Niverville/Ste. Agathe
Guenette, Dominic Forward 7 Niverville/Ste. Agathe
Loewen, Parker Forward 16 Steinbach
Carriere, Zachary Forward 7 Steinbach
Penner, Grady Forward 14 Steinbach
Bruneau, Parker Forward 3 Lorette
Teeple, Hunter Forward 13 Lorette
Maloney, Zander Defence 12 Niverville/Ste. Agathe
King, Benjamin Defence 15 Niverville/Ste. Agathe
Jowett, Bentley Defence 12 Steinbach
Thiessen, Preston Defence 3 Steinbach
McKnight, Zachary Defense 8 Lorette
Cooke, Reilly Defense 4 Lorette
Wiens, Sonny Goalie 33 Steinbach
Nekipelov, Lenny Goalie 31 Lorette
Saurette, Pat Coach   Niverville/Ste. Agathe
Plett, Tim Coach   Steinbach
McKnight, Kevin Coach   Lorette
Team Black
Player Postion Number Association
Drul, Colton Forward 12 Springfield
Spruyt, Jack Forward 14 Springfield
Flock, Eli Forward 18 Springfield
Specaluk, Marshall Forward 4 Beausejour Brokenhead
Chalmers, Madden Forward 11 Beausejour Brokenhead
Musick, Mason Forward 11 Rat River
Penner, Reid Forward 4 Rat River
McLean, Justin Forward 15 Ste. Anne
Trudeau, Myles Forward 4 Ste. Anne
Plett, Treyce Forward 45 Ste. Anne
Nakamura, Adam Defence 10 Springfield
Lamontagne, Nate Defence 11 Springfield
Bulgrin, Liam Defence 19 Beausejour Brokenhead
Oliver, Tom Defence 12 Beausejour Brokenhead
Paskaruk, Ryder Defense 5 Rat River
Neufeld, Noah Goalie 31 Springfield
Pelletier, Cole Goalie 30 Beausejour Brokenhead
Czarnecki, Carter Goalie 31 Rat River
Spryut, T.J. Coach   Springfield
Oliver, Sean Coach   Beausejour Brokenhead
Musick, Eric Coach   Rat River


U13 B Teams

Team White
Player Postion Number Association
Bergmann, Brody Forward 13 Mitchell
Parisien, Brody Forward 27 Mitchell
Sonnichsen, Ryver Forward 11 Mitchell
Funk, Logan Forward 10 Mitchell
Pelissier, Kashton Forward 8 Springfield
Bishop-Mahon, Isaiah Forward 12 Springfield
Girouard, Taylin Forward 16 Springfield
Eastman, Myles Forward 18 Ile des Chenes
Moreau, Mason Forward 10 Ile des Chenes
Dubois, Levi Forward 2 La Broquerie
Morrow, Easton Forward 7 La Broquerie
Hampson, Samuel Forward 11 Lac du Bonnet
Shaver, Grayson Defense 21 Mitchell
Bittner, Nolan Defence 9 Defence
MacKenzie, Kaleb Defence 6 Ile des Chenes
Matsubara, William Defence 9 Ile des Chenes
Willman, Caleb Defence 18 La Broquerie
Usackis, Tomas Defence 19 Lac du Bonnet
Bachmeir, Connor Goalie 37 Mitchell
Cianflone, Sammy Goalie 1 Springfield
Enns, Vincent Goalie 1 Ile des Chenes
Sonnichsen, Robin Coach   Mitchell
Martin, Dan Coach   Springfield
Eastman, Will Coach   Ile des Chenes
Team Black
Player Postion Number Association
Rouire, Nathan Forward 9 Niverville
Gonzaga, Landen Forward 16 Niverville
Luhowy, Jayden Forward 14 Niverville
Rahotte, Parker Forward 87 St. Adolphe
Fall, Akeem Forward 97 St. Adolphe
Kent, Connor Forward 34 Springfield White
Alyea, Griffin Forward 32 Springfield White
Gordon, Jaxson Forward 8 Landmark
Froese, Miles Forward 20 Grunthal
Desjarlais, Dax Forward 29 Sagkeeng
Johnston, Earl Forward 69 Sagkeeng
Ginter, Josh Defence 7 Niverville
Nast, Chloe Defence 10 Niverville
Sylvestre, Leo Defence 2 St. Adolphe
Ziegler, Maric Defence 27 St. Adolphe
Peppler, Devon Defence 31 Springfield White
Coulter, Alexa Defense 6 Landmark
Martens, Raea Defence 44 Grunthal
Raftis, Ben Goalie 1 Niverville
Mauthe, Easton Goalie 20 St. Adolphe
Arsenault, Zach Goalie 64 Spingfield White
Nast, Darnell Coach   Niverville
Rajotte, Paul Coach   St. Adolphe
Aresenault, Ryan Coach   Springfield White


U13C Teams

Team White
Player Postion Number Association
Wells, Jaxon Forward 8 Lorette
Rasmussen, Cam Forward 18 Lorette
McKuski, Bentley Forward 12 Mitchell
Sinclair-Unger, Nate Forward 19 Mitchell
Letkeman, Canaan Forward 26 Mitchell
Chance, Carter Forward 26 Beausejour Brokenhead
Bortoluzzi, Harper Forward 14 Beausejour Brokenhead
Fontaine, Noah Forward 17 Pineview
Starr, Horatio Forward 11 Pineview
Marynard, Max Forward 16 Rat River
Chaput, Mia Forward 18 Ste. Anne
Mcdonnell, Liam Defence 13 Lorette
Cull, Samuel Defence 16 Lorette
Bolton, Asher Defence 32 Mitchell
Bildeau, Everette Defence 27 Beausejour Brokenhead
Poirier, Vincent Defence 4 Rat River
Pelda, Everett Goalie 1 Lorette
Main, Kaiden Goalie 30 Mitchell
Bonneteau, Nathan Goalie 2 Beausejour Brokenhead
Pelda, Jaret Coach   Lotette
Schinkel, Eric Coach   Mitchell
Bonneteau, Randal Coach   Beausejour Brokenhead
Team Black
Player Postion Number Association
Oswald, Brenden Forward 9 Steinbach
Plett, Mason Forward 18 Steinbach
Dyck, Elijah Forward 19 Steinbach
Klos, Carter Forward 42 Springfield Grey
Mann, David Forward 35 Springfield Grey
Wipf, Asher Forward 6 Grunthal
Heese, Brielle Forward 16 Grunthal
Kruse, Owen Forward 4 Springfield Yellow
Case, Colton Forward 7 Niverville/Ste. Agathe
Laforte, Jaxton Forward 11 Sagkeeng
Modler, Carson Defence 13 Steinbach
Suderman, Isaac Defence 32 Springfield Grey
Braun, Mason Defence 83 Grunthal
Hendren, Austin Defence 42 Springfield Yellow
Collet, Vaughn Defence 12 Niverville/Ste. Agathe
MacKenzie, Bennett Defence 2 Ile des Chenes
Geisheimer, Kyren Goalie 31 Steinbach
Warren, Jack Goalie 1 Springfield Grey
Falk, Josiah Goalie 36 Grunthal
Martens, Rudy Coach   Steinbach
Mann, Jason Coach   Springfield Grey
Heese, Nick Coach   Grunthal


U15B Teams

Team White
Player Postion Number Association
Mitchell, Cam Forward 3 Niverville/ Ste. Agathe White
Bray, Tom Forward 16 Niverville/ Ste. Agathe White
Neufeld, Ryan Forward 77 Grunthal
Plewman, Mason Forward 49 Grunthal
Sawatzky, JD Forward 41 Beausejour Brokenhead
St. Godard, Allan Forward 4 Ste. Anne
Minville, Aidan Forward 10 Ste. Anne
Berezay, Mather Forward 12 Ile des Chenes
Berezay, Mather Forward 12 Lorette Landmark Comets
Thiessen, Elijah Forward 24 Mitchell
Desjarlais, Keasten Forward 55 Sagkeeng
Baggley, Carson Forward 17 Ile des Chenes
Fast, Carter Defence 7 Niverville/ Ste. Agathe White
Sawatzky, Aiden Defence 15 Niverville/ Ste. Agathe White
Driedger, Liam Defense 4 Grunthal
Bortoluzzi, Chase Defence 9 Beausejour Brokenhead
Guenette, Noah Defence 19 Niverville/Ste. Agathe
Buhay, Milton Defense 15 Lac du Bonnet/Pineview
Brandt, Levi Goalie 1 Niverville/Ste. Agathe White
McDonald, Rorie Goalie 1 Beausejour Brokenhead
Martens, Samuel Goalie 50 Grunthal
Fast, Steve Coach   Niverville/Ste. Agathe White
Driedger, Grant Coach   Grunthal
Guenette, Pat Coach   Niverville/Ste. Agathe White
Team Black
Player Postion Number Association
Comeault, Dalin Forward 3 Rat River
Holdnick, Ceanan Forward 9 Rat River
Vermette, Dallas Forward 13 Rat River
Anderson, Derek Forward 15 Lorette Landmark Blues
Huntley, Rhett Forward 6 Lorette Landmark Blues
Jaman, Owen Forward 17 Springfield Blue
Filipchuk, Lucas Forward 2 Springfield Blue
Turenne, Yvan Forward 15 La Broquerie
Engel, Colton Forward 19 Steinbach
Lavack, Jeremi Defence 11 Rat River
Cantin, Noah Defence 16 Lorette Landmark Blues
Swain, Carter Defence 8 Springfield Blue
Gauthier, Christian Defence 8 La Broquerie
Friesen, Dean Defence 18 Steinbach
Carriere, Zachary Defence 9 St. Adolphe
Paskaruk, Breygan Goalie 31 Rat River
Girardin, Liam Goalie 1 Lorette Landmark Blues
Guimond, Matthew Goalie 35 Springfield Blue
Lavack, Andy Coach   Rat River
Gauthier, Patrick Coach   La Broquerie

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