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League Playoffs

Eastman Minor Hockey Playoffs 2024

Eastman League Playoffs Minutes and Matrix
Please refer to Coach / Manager Handbook (attached under FORMS tab) for further info regarding Playoffs; scheduling playoff games; etc.


We ask that if an Eastman Team is playing an out of region team that the Eastman team makes the arrangements to have the banner at the game.

Banners are ready for pickup starting March 9 at the Niverville Community Centre Skate Shop.  The hours of the skate shop are posted as the following however it is recommended to call as they can change for weather, illness, etc.

Niverville Community Centre Skate Shop
Monday/Wednesday/Friday  5 pm to 8 pm
Saturday  10 am to 6 pm
Sunday    9 am to 2 pm
PHONE:  204-388-4600 ext 3008

With the start of Playoff Games in Eastman there are a couple of reminders I would like to send out with respect to the Levels of the officials required to do games as well as the rules that apply to Playoff Games.

MANAGERS - Please book all of your games for the series up front as it is easier to cancel refs than to try to book them at the last minute. This way we can plan properly. You MUST give at least 72 hours notice prior to game time so we can ensure that there is enough time to book refs and get the games on goaline. IF YOU DO NOT REFS WILL NOT BE BOOKED FOR YOUR GAMES.

Game sheets are due to the Eastman League Statistician Bob/Shannon Normandeau (, no later then 24hrs of game being played, just like the regular season. Failure to do so will result in a $25.00 fine, due to the time constraints of Play Offs.

For U-11 you must notify Local RIC and Shannon Normandeau (so it can be scheduled on Goaline).
For U-13 and U-15  you must notify Local RIC, Shannon Normandeau (so it can be scheduled on Goaline) and CC: Andrew Wilkinson

U-13 and U-15-League:
For all U-13 & U15 Playoff Games the Head Referee will be assigned by your Local RIC with the exception of series finals which will be assigned by EMHA RIC..
The home Association Referee in Chief will assign the two linesmen. 

U-15 AA League:
For all U-15AA Playoff Games the Head Referee and Linesman will be assigned by the U-15 AA Referee Assignor Zach Friesen unless other arrangements have been made. 

Zach Friesen- U-15 AA - Referee Assignor
Email:  ph 204-641-4205

U-18 League:
For all U-18 Playoff Games the Head Referee and Linesman will be assigned by the U-18  Referee Assignor Zach Friesen. 

Zach Friesen - MU-18 - Referee Assignor
Email:  ph 204-641-4205

Playoff Time Frames

Please see playoff meeting minutes for details for each division.

Referee must be a least 3 years senior to the age category in which they are officiating.

For the two man system for U-11 Games one of the officials must be 18 years of age or older and both must be Level II.
Exceptions can be made if cleared with Andrew Wilkinson prior to the game. 


Playoff games follow regular season time frames and ice cleaning schedules.

MERCY RULE- In any game with a 5 goal difference in score in the last 10 minutes of the 3rd period. Run time shall be applied. Should the goal difference become less than 5, the time shall revert to straight time for the remainder of the game. Minor Penalties shall be 2 minutes in length whether playing straight time or run time. Should there be a penalty called during run time, the clock would stop and play would resume upon the drop of the puck.


​​​​​​​Home ice advantage for semi final and final games to be determined by round robin rankings.

Round Robin games have no overtime and will follow provincial tie breaker rules for final rankings.

Tie breakers in semi final and final games will be 5-minute overtime at 3 on 3 then a shootout.
In the shootout, you must rotate through 5 players before a player is eligible to shoot again.

After Game Reports Must be submitted IMMEDIATELY after the Game to:

Chris Smook : Email:
Andrew Wilkinson: Email:
Jen Hoffman:  Email: 
Bob/Shannon Normandeau: Email: 

Please call Andrew should you have any questions. Thank you