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Eastman Minor Hockey Provincials 2024

To all Associations:
Please refer to 2024 Eastman Provincial Playdown Schedules + Results
With the start of the Regional Provincial Play Down Games in Eastman,  there are a couple of reminders I would like to send out with respect to the Levels of the officials required to do games as well as the rules that apply to Provincial Play Down Games.


Referee must be a least 3 years senior to the age category in which  they are officiating.

For the two man system for U11 Games it is preferred that one referee is 18 years of age or older and both referees must be at least a Level II.

The Eastman Minor 4 Penalty game ejection rule does not apply to any Provincial games played. ​​​​​​​

U11 and U13 Games must be 3 – 15 minute periods.

U15 and U18 Games must be 2 – 15 minute periods with the 3rd period being 20 minutes. The ice surface is to be resurfaced between 2nd and 3rd periods. 

MERCY RULE- There is a 7 Goal Mercy Rule. In any game with a seven goal difference the clock shall be running time for the remainder of the game, unless the score difference becomes less than seven the clock would revert to stop time. Minor Penalties shall be 2 minutes in length whether playing stop time or running time.

Round Robin scoring is 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie.

ALL games and Eastman representatives MUST be Completed and Declared by JANUARY 31, 2024.

No OVERTIME shall be played in round robin play.

Round Robin Standings Tie Breakers:
a) winner of game between two teams

b) team with most wins

c) best goal average (Total Goals/Total Goals For + Goals Against)

d) first goal scored between tied teams

e) least penalty minutes

Hockey Manitoba AP Rules
All other affiliation regulations as indicated in the Hockey Manitoba regulations continue to apply.
78. Players must affiliate from a lower category within the same age division.  IF affiliating from a lower age division, 
      player must affiliate from an equal or lower category.
Example:  Eastman U-13 B can affiliate from Eastman U13 C
Eastman U-13 B can only affiliate from Eastman U-11 B or C – They CANNOT AP from    U-11 A as that is a higher level
79.  Teams may add eligible affiliate players to supplement their rosters as follows:
       a)U11 & U13:  up to 13 skaters and 2 goalies

       b) U15 and U18:  up to 15 skaters and 2 goalies

With regards to games scheduled and game sheets for Provincial Playdowns only:
ALL game sheets are to be emailed to Bob & Shannon Normandeau within 24 hours of the game. 
Any questions should be directed to 

It is permitted to play a provincial playdown game and count it as a league game however you must be aware of any rule differences.  Provincial AP rules apply on the eligibility of a player, game time rules, etc.  If you play with an ineligible player who was not approved on your roster for provincials (ap, overaged, registered after Dec 1, etc.) you may be disqualified.  Please ensure you review the Hockey Manitoba Rules and Regulations on Provincial play. You must identify on your game sheet and your submission email that the game is to be counted for provincial and league play.

Travel Subsidy Criteria is as follows:
Teams travelling by bus to the Norman Region only are eligible.  There is a maximum subsidy of $750/team to a yearly maximum of $3000 paid out for the Eastman Region. Teams will be reimbursed after the provincial tournament they attend and a receipt for the bus charter must be presented to receive the travel subsidy reimbursement.
Eligible teams can apply by email to the Eastman Minor Hockey board once they are confirmed to be participating in Provincials.
Thank you, and good luck to all teams participating!